Redmoon Revolutions NYE 2014

Video Projections for Redmoon Revolution NYE

Winter Pageant 2015 – Redmoon Theater

Winter Pageant 2014 Animation

Serving the Psychogeography

Interactive Installation/Live video mapping –  SAIC Fall 2014 Crit

Las Dias De Los Muertos

Animation / Video Design for Redmoon – CSO Youth Orchestra Co-production

Tell Me What You Remember

Erasing The Distance production Director Nikki Zaleski Video Design  

Luftwerk @ Ford House

Projection on Ford House – Luftwerk


Technical Director for Luftwerk installation at Farnsworth House.    

Modern Ball AIC gala

Architecture & Design Society of the Art Institute of Chicago for its biennial black tie gala to benefit the Art Institute’s Department of Architecture and Design, an exclusive event honoring David C. Hilliard and Helmut Jahn. the Art Institute of Chicago’s Modern Wing immersed in a custom-designed lighting installation by new media collaborative Luftwerk

After Dark @ Modern Wing, Art Institute


Technical director for Luftwerk Installation, Video projections on water.


Red Tape Theater presents: Mnemonic by Complicite: At DCASE Storefront Theater Directed by Brandon Ray Ray creates the occasional compelling visual, often involving interactions between live actors and Liviu Pasare impressive projection designs.

Mementos Mori -Manual Cinema, MCA

Mementos Mori -Manual Cinema, MCA Workshop performance at MCA  

Power Is Where Power Goes

Projection Collaboration with the Seldoms, and Bob Faust.

Electric Forest -Dome of Dance

Visuals/projection for Dome of Dance @ Electric Forest Music Festival, June 2014.

After Dark AIC: The Production Line of Happiness

Video Design – Live Video, Art Institute of Chicago, Modern Wing

Redmoon Spring Spectacle: Bellboys, Bears, and Baggage

Video  -countdown projection 2014

Agnosia Constellation

Agnosia Constellation is a re-enactment our ancestors encounter with the world around. It explores the human cognitive processes, pattern recognition and phenomenon of extrapolation of meaning. It presents the narrative of development of a rationalization process, the empirical process and the construct of existence. The site the work is presented, the tympanum above the entrance […]

In The Blink of Your Eye @ NON-F(H2T)

Interactive Video Installation NON-OP F(H2T) Bridgeport Art Center april 2014 In the blink of an eye is an exploration of notions of liveness and processes that determines the making of the exploration. It’s obvious reference is the poetry of the blinking of the eye and incorporates it as a mechanical metaphor for the rationalization of […]


By Tom Arvetis Directed by Rives Collins -Video Design by Liviu Pasare

Great Chicago Fires

Judy Suh collaboration for White Elephant Theater’s Production.


ITHAKA by Andrea Stolowitz Presented By Infusion Theater Directed By Mitch Golob. Liviu Pasare’s work is technically excellent and artistically thrilling!  – David Zak, Chicago Stage Standard Liviu Pasare’s projections are so vivid, that I felt as if I were in that car with the women, and a rollercoaster scene caused some audible gasping in the audience. […]

This Is Not A Cure For Cancer

This Is Not A Cure For Cancer “…enhanced by Liviu Pasare’s skillful projection design…)” Chicago Suntimes Collaboraction, Video Design, 2014  

SAIC Ballroom – Luftwerk mapping

mapping of SAIC  Ballroom for College Art Association gala            

Chinese New Year Celebration – projection mapping for Luftwerk

Chinese New Year – Luftwerk

42nd Street

42nd street, Paramount Theater, Aurora, IL Associate Design, for Anna Henson.