Somewhere Over the Border

Teatro Vista production, Book, Lyrics & Music by Brian Quijada Projection Design by Liviu Pasare, Illustrations and images by Grace Needlman

Animations 2020

Work in Progress – CSO/CCT 2020   https://youtu.be/8_SXfVouOnU Chicago Childern’s Theater /Redmoon https://youtu.be/e3MbsHEIWcI MLK Celebration Chicago Children’s Theater Animation for CSO 2015 https://youtu.be/wvyJcg_vSYE?t=52 https://youtu.be/5kAfbvtUCV0 Animation for Nick Cave With Bob Faust Hy Dyve Animations for live performance. The Seldoms with  Bob Faust 2020 https://youtu.be/ZhaJocKs37E?t=6 Promo Animations for Redmoon Special Event animation/installations NYE 2018 SOHO House […]


I consider video projections as my medium of choice and I develop images, installations and experiences that are transformative and immersive.  I use a process of exploration and inquiry about how we engage with our surroundings and I transform spaces with large scale projections and video installations. Technology has always played a pivotal part in […]