The Year Without Light

Filming, Animation, projection mapping Installation. By Frank Maugeri, for Illumination. collaboration with Christopher Andrew, Sofia Castro.   https://photos.app.goo.gl/KUoieQVfjH1FLMeF8  

UNTL -Nick Cave @ The Momentary

Techincal Design and mapping for Nick Cave’s UNTL at The Momentary, Bentonvile, AK, Fall 2020

My Magic Breath

Animation based on the book by Nick Ortner and Alison Taylor and illustrated by Michelle Polizzi, this virtual program is a collaboration between the Negaunee Music Institute at the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and Chicago Children’s Theatre.

Beatrix Potter

# short stories presented by Chicago Children’s theater

FLOE – The Seldoms

Projection mapping/ animations. Visual design by Bob Faust. Madison WI residency Feb 2020

The Era Footwork Crew

Projection design for The Era @ Stony Island Art Bank

Mememeator ME-800

Interactive video installation CYBORGS: Ancient & Current, Imagining & Performing. Exhibition & Performance series. February 7th – February 28th Dedicated to the legacy of the Russian Avant-Garde, CYBORGS: Ancient & Current, Imagining & Performing plunges into poetic dialogues with machines from the 21st century. This exhibition explores the aesthetic modalities of artificial intelligence, its various embodiments and temporalities. Musing with […]