Installation at “in The Realm of Senses” 1833 S Halsted

The Adventures of Robin Hood

Adventures Of Robin Hood Adventure Stage Theater Fall 2018    

After Dark – Hairy Who

Installation for After Dark Art Institute Of Chicago, featuring Hairy Who.

Hy Dyve

Projection Design for Nick Cave @ Hope Center, Open Spaces, August -october 2018  

The Great Farce

Projection mapping/install for Federico Solmi ” The Great Farce” UMKC Gallery, Open Spaces, Kansas City, 2018  

Bridgeport Art Center

Interactive floor projection    


Video Design for Erica Mott. Hyde Park Art Center, 2018.

Luftwerk – Denver Art Museum

Infinite Time

  https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPzUIEJaQGj7KjUmKQ09Hen8po2k3P2LGapRZRW   https://photos.google.com/photo/AF1QipPB9t3e-T44eUuPL7rG3eAvtvvCKU70YpNhs4QE

Blue Island in the Red Sea

Video Design Collaboraction Theater Flat Iron Building.  

Roots in The Alley

Video Design -Adventure Stage Directed by Julie Richie

MLK Celebration Chicago Children’s Theater



Video Design for new theater festival at Collaboraction

NYE 2018 SOHO House Chicago