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And The Spirit Moved Me

Performance By Kristina Isabella Dance Company Video Design by Yeva Dashevsky

This Side of the Mountain

  Immersive Video Projections in collaboration with  Thomas Masters, Anikka Lachman, Adrian Leverkuhn and Thomas Masters Gallery

In The Time of The Butterflies


Artistic Director Carrie Hanson and The Seldoms are joined in this project – the companion piece to Power Goes – by the same acclaimed artistic team, who deliver an expansive, layered and daring exploration of what it means to rock the system. playwright Stuart Flack, visual artist Bob Faust, sound artist Mikhail Fiksel, lighting designer […]

After Dark – Martin Puryear

Stoptime Live design – Liviu Pasare – Christopher Andrew  

Where Did We Sit on the Bus

Teatro Vista production, Written and performed by Brian Quijada Directed by Chay Yew  

MacBeth – Chicago Dance Repertory

  Video Technical Direction- Liviu Pasare Video Design and animations by John Pobojewsky

Trip the Light Fantastic: The Making of SuperStrip

Liviu Pasare’s winningly manipulated and real-time video and media projections — which have a sort of animated graphic novel effect — are seen on 10 square screens that serve as a movable backdrop.

Blink @Sketchbook 15

Blink Written and Directed by Anthony Moseley Conceived by Liviu Pasare

Interactive Floor Projection

Interactive floor projection, tracking using kinect @ The Geraghty      

Dell Lounge (six10 event @ Lollapalooza)

Custom Visuals and IMAG  

transLIT by Luftwerk. Bloomingdale Trail Launch Event

  A Lufterk Project Liviu Pasare -Technical Director transLIT is a light and video installation that celebrates Chicago’s newest public park, the 606.             Photography by Peter Tsai

The Dolls – 2015 SAIC Fashion Show performance

Created, developed and designed by Claudia Hart Technical director,  – Liviu Pasare.  

In the Blink of Your Eye

Power Is Where Power Goes

Presented By The Seldoms. MCA 2015 Created by Carrie Hanson Designed by Bob Faust Video animation and projections: Liviu Pasare    

Momentary Separation

Presented by NON:OP at INTUIT Gallery. Performance collaboration with Melissa Sanchez.  

Redmoon 2015 Spring Spectacle: The Devil’s Cabaret

Redmoon Presents: The Devil’s Cabaret Video Design. Preliminary tests:

This Is Modern Art

Video Design Steppenwolf Theater 2015 Author: Kevin Coval, and Idris Goodwin Directed by: Lisa Portes    

After Dark 01/15 Temptation: The Demons of James Ensor

Live Event Video Design. Art Institute of Chicago. Modern Wing.

Crime Scene Chicago – Winter 2015

  Collaboraction Presents: Crime Scene Chicago – Winter 2015 remount. @ Northwester School of Law Video Design Directed by Anthony Mosseley  

Mementos Mori

Manual Cinema Presents: Video Tech Design Liviu Pasare

Redmoon Revolutions NYE 2014

Video Projections for Redmoon Revolution NYE

Winter Pageant 2015 – Redmoon Theater

Winter Pageant 2014 Animation

Serving the Psychogeography

Interactive Installation/Live video mapping –  SAIC Fall 2014 Crit

Las Dias De Los Muertos

Animation / Video Design for Redmoon – CSO Youth Orchestra Co-production