In The Blink of Your Eye @ NON-F(H2T)

Interactive Video Installation
Bridgeport Art Center april 2014

In the blink of an eye is an exploration of notions of liveness and processes that determines the making of the exploration. It’s obvious reference is the poetry of the blinking of the eye and incorporates it as a mechanical metaphor for the rationalization of time and space. It uses contemporary mechanics of technological interface, of tracking user gestures, media sampling and materiality of interactive media.

The notion of liminal, as represented by the blinking of the eye is significant throughout cultures and history.

For me, developing this idea in this form is informed by my experience and notions of working with live events creating images and responding directly, live, a range of sensory stimulants, including sound, audience reaction, visual experiences, the moment.

These notions expand out into a condition of atemporality of existence that proposes to be both a cummulative as well as momentary, – conditioned by the presented situation. This proposition has significance in how one conditions their expectancy of the present as well as the rationalization of the preceding event.
In a metaphorical way, the understanding of the present and past is deconstructed and rebuilt with each moment to accommodate the personal narrative every individual is pursuing.

In a modernist narrative, I am exploring the mediatic idea of the cut, the cinematic device that began at the dawn of photography,cinema, and perhaps one of the more significant traits of modernism. The cut, the spatial-temporal jump that once presented to the masses, has had a irreversible impact in how we perceives the scale and time of the physical world.

Fundamentally the piece is a very individual, personal experience that presents the participant with a immediate experience, providing control of the presented experience, with the challenge of the involuntary act of blinking and perhaps suggesting the process of creation of one’s own narrative, of navigating the construct of time/space, that precludes us.

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