Hyde Park Art Center Gala

Dream Machine

Dream Machine New work, showcased at Diane’s Hunting Club

Black Dance Legacy Project -Art on the Mart

Animation for Black Dance Legacy Project, Directed by Prince Mhoon.     Featuring DEEPLY ROOTED DANCE, THE ERA FOOTWORK COLLECTIVE, FORWARD MOMENTUM, JOEL HALL DANCERS, HIPLET BALLERINAS, M.A.D.D. RHYTHMS, MUNTU DANCE THEATRE, MOVE ME SOUL, NAJWA DANCE CORPS, PRAIZE PRODUCTIONS,Elizabeth Myles Videographer & EditorDJ Duane Powell, Steve Maestro, Sam Thousand, Music

Superbloom, The Seldoms

Filming editing and Animations.  Stable Diffusion AI based animations based on painting by Jackie Kazarian and Choreography by Carrie Hanson. Harris Theater 2023

Push-Pull -Faheem Majeed

Video for Faheem Majeed installation at O’Hare’s new Terminal 4

Kikkoman Anniversary

Dream King

Projection Design -Teatro Vista 2023, Performed at Chopin Theater Written and performed by Marvin Quijada

Beethoven and the Killer Bees, ITROS

Stage design, animation. Stable Diffusion animations based on Blues Brothers. Epiphany Center for the Arts, May and August 2023    


I?? U -Mural. by Shari Pundrich, Projection mapping by Liviu Pasare. Design in collaboration with Shari Pundrich, Liviu Pasare, Stable Diffusion AI.

A Cosmology of You.

Video installation, Collaboration with Adrian Leverkuhn- audio and Thomas Masters -painting. Alma Art Gallery, March 2023

From Bach to the Future, ITROS

Stage design, AI animations, for In the Realm of Senses, based on collages by Shari Pundrich,  

The Maddness of the Metal Monolith – Animation for Cabinet of Curiosity, Icicle Picnic,

Stop motion animation with Frank Maugery. Puppets by Cass Copland